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Monday, May 5, 2008

Our new world

In today’s world of black and white answers, people forget the story. We get caught up in the belief that things have to be right or wrong. Worse even, we get caught up in thinking that we have to accept what others view as right or wrong. There are stories out there that need to be told and the way they need to be told needs to change. One person’s art is another person’s tragedy, hope, or ordinary life. Opinions can cause hatred, spark action or even be art. We want to start to explore ordinary life from this different view. Lets explain first who “we” are and the mission, or lack of, we share .

3shadescc is a new personality that we two guys are trying to create. Two different people who just want to take a look at what's out there. It has been compared to a voyeuristic, reality based TV show where we want people to come poke in to our lives. While that may be true in some ways, the answer is we just don’t know at this point. How many times have you heard the old saying that there are the three sides to a story? Yours, Mine and the truth. Truth is perception, and perception we think can be a personality. That personality we named 3shadescc.

The next part is telling you just who “we” are but first, let’s be honest and tell you how this idea started and why we are doing it. Juan-Carlos is the wrong person doing the right job. Cione (show-knee) is the right person doing the wrong job. We met in the standard forty hour a week job in a cubicle farm. Not having much desire, we would discuss everything under the sun except, well, work!

Carlos' natural talent is photography and creating fantastic art with a camera. Cione is a geek and loves to speak his opinion. At the end of the day the two sometimes form an opinion. Those images and opinions have become an experiment and the reason you are reading this.

The name 3shadescc is simple but has distinct meaning. The 3 is basically stating the obvious and that it is not one person’s opinion but the consensus. The “shades” is just that, not a definite black or white but a perception. The last part can be taken several ways, and hopefully will be. The most obvious is that “cc” can stand for Carlos and Cione. The next meaning is simple if you sound it out, “cc” as in “too-see”.

Now you know who we are. With luck we will have the time to time to tell you the what and the when. More importantly you understand that what you’re reading isn’t written by one person but a consensus. Juan-Carlos and Cione will be introduced as separate characters. We will post here as the stories and opportunities arises. However, together we will post as 3shadescc when needed or when we have reached some sort of thought process that can be told separate from the two. We welcome you to join us as this new experiment develops.In the words of Hunter S. Thompson...... Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride!

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