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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Introducing Juan-Carlos Delgado

Dear Friends and Family,

Most of you know me and what I am like. Many of you know that I am working
as a photographer chasing stories. What many of you may not know is what it
is like to be me. Now, I am fully aware of the enormous arrogance
in the assumption that you would even care what it is like to be me, but
just go with me for a bit on this one........

What I am about to do is take the Carlos you
know (and I hope love) with all my skills, wit, charm, and demons to the
edge of the world. My journey will begin on May 15th, in a place 45
minutes by boat up the Amazon River from the city of Iquitos, Peru. My
task for the Peruvian American Medical Society is to photograph the lives
of the people of the Selva (Jungle) for one month. You will experience
what I experience and from the perspective of this (yours truly) 29 year old slacker from
South East Portland. At times I will have no electricity, plumbing, or
access to phones. Where I am going I cannot drink the water, eat the
fruit, and I can apparently die from a mosquito bite. Political unrest in the country
is ramping up due to labor disputes; violent street protests are not uncommon.
It's your basic Club Med......

This is my life, who I am and what I have become. No lies, no re-do, and
no second chances. I have agreed with my partner in this project to not
delete posts and to honestly report what happens to me. You will see me
with all my faults, successes, and disappointments.

My partner is my good friend and former co-worker Cione. We will both run
the blog 3shadescc as the vehicle to deliver this experience to you. I will file
reports from where I am at with help from Cione. He and I will comment
on my experience and images. This should be a fun and spirited discussion
that everyone reading this is welcome to join in on. Please feel free to
contact me for any reason; I look forward to seeing you all online soon!

Juan-Carlos Delgado

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