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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who I am

To all the people I don’t know I say welcome. To those who do, I say hold on, again. I am going to take a few minutes and introduce myself to all of you. My name is Cione (Show-knee). My goal is to show a side of me not often shared. I am simple person with not so simple opinions. Reserved and shy are not words that people would use to describe me but at the same time I would hope that overbearing and dramatic wouldn’t be used either. I like people to bring their perspective and opinions to the table. The rest about me is come and learn. I will usually answer anything but sometimes I will make you ask. I think the best way to describe myself is through my friends. Many times they laugh point and ask “what kind of idiot are you to do…” My usual reply is “You didn’t have to come but since your here”

I have always believed the biggest problem people face is acceptance. Coming in a close second is one’s ability to communicate their opinion in a way that is both honest and not hateful. With that said I still think that people can just be full of BS. While that may be fine, the real passion and the real story will lay hidden. I love to take something and discuss it.

It seems sometimes we want to take a moment in time, freeze it and keep talking about it. That thought would lead to many conversations and to this experiment with Carlos. It always seemed in our conversations that others were listening yet afraid to voice their thoughts. After some talking Carlos and I came up with this idea. Radically simple and almost right up our alley.
On May 15th, providing all goes well I will be a proud first time homeowner. Carlos and I are both chasing our dreams. Those dreams although they are so far different in nature and are almost identical in execution.

I welcome you to 3shadescc and hope for you to comment. Tell us we are crazy, stupid, or the smartest people ever. Just tell us something. I will tell you about what I think. You tell me what you think. If Carlos and I can agree then 3shadescc will become…

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Victor said...

Well it seems that you have tried to depect yourself with an open mind but with strong oppinions. How right could you be! But with the main subject as two sides to every story and wanting our oppinion on what is happening with your lifes I guess I may just be a reappearing guest commentator. Life if funny. You try hard to chase some of your dreams but something or someone always wants to step in your way. The work around is not always present and definately needs some research and support from your friends to get through it. Hopefully this site will see many dreams coming to light and completion.